Optimal Property Management

3-35 Stone Church Rd., Ancaster, On L9K 1S5
Tel: 905-648-6440 | Fax: 905-296-5970

How to Get Started

Coming onboard with Optimal is easy! Follow these simple steps and OPM will soon be managing your investment so you can experience the stress-free experience of doing business with us.

  1. Contact Optimal Property Management and we will review your specific needs. We will provide you with a management agreement and answer any of your questions.
  2. If you currently have a property manager that needs to be cancelled:
    1. Check your current property management contract to see what type of notice is required. It is usual that you will be required to give a written 30 day notice. If possible, call the manager to see if they will accept a shorter notice. Many will, especially if they know that you are unhappy. If you do not have a written contract, presume 30 days is required.
    2. Compose a brief letter such as the sample below:
      As of _____________ (date), your services at ______________ (property address), will no longer be required. A representative of Optimal Property Management will be in touch with you prior to the termination date to pick up keys and any pertinent files. Please send remaining funds to my account directly including tenant last month rent.
    3. Send a copy of this letter to Optimal Property Management.(email or fax)
  3. Compose a letter of direction notifying your current tenants as to the change in management. We can help you by providing you with a template. Send a copy of it to us and we will deliver it to the tenants along with our letter introducing Optimal Property Management and our policies. (email or fax)
  4. Along with a signed copy of our management agreement and previously agreed reserve fund, provide Optimal Property Management with the following items (if applicable) in order to enjoy a effortless transition.
    • Tenant information:
      • Unit number
      • Name of each resident 18 and over
      • Move in date
      • Amount of rent
      • Amount of last month's rent and date collected
      • Phone numbers
      • e-mail address
      • Date of last rent increase
      • Any rental arrears
      • Legal notices that may have been issued
    • Keys
    • Void cheque for deposits

To commence, we inspect the property and tenant base to carry out an initial property management report which includes a comprehensive financial and physical assessment of the property. We examine potential areas of improvement, expense reduction, and identify opportunity for further available revenue sources. Our team performs a full review of your building in order to maximize the value of your investment.