Optimal Property Management

3-35 Stone Church Rd., Ancaster, On L9K 1S5
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About Optimal Property Management

About Optimal Property ManagementOptimal Property Management are property managers taking care of our clients investments in Hamilton, Ancaster and Burlington, Ontario.

With many years of experience dealing with a vast array of geographical property options we have established the skills necessary to improve your investment. With services in market analysis we will focus on the strengths of your investment to identify costly expenses, scrutinize problem causing tenants that may have existed when the property was purchased, and follow up with all legal and repair-related issues to ensure your investments is producing top value.

Our focus is on maximizing our client’s gross income, reducing vacancies and minimizing operating expenses. Increasing the property net operating income is our primary goal.

Over the years, Optimal Property Management has assembled a team of top quality trades people second to none. Our trades provide quality professional service, are clean neat and courteous and ensure the job is done right.

We offer professional property management while maximizing the property owner’s bottom line.

  • Avoid late night phone calls from tenants!
  • Don't worry about collecting the rent!
  • Keep out of tenant evictions!
  • Never worry about advertising for tenants!

With our 24/7 Emergency Phone Number and our Business Hours Tenant Inquiry line, Optimal Property Management is equipped and ready to help, Manage Your Property.